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Simple Gesture

I never asked Mom why she always had a blueberry pie sitting on the kitchen counter when I came home from college. If I had, she probably would have told me that I’d understand someday. She’d have been right. Debralyn has … Continue reading

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Safe in the Vault

There are six of us now although there once were eight. Some of us have been friends since before first grade. Others met in fourth grade, and we became an official cluster when we began high school. (If you didn’t grow up in … Continue reading

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In-Between the Good-byes and the Reunions

 (Deb M. gave me permission to let you eavesdrop on our recent Facebook “conversation”.  The “Texans” are her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.) DEB M’s FACEBOOK STATUS…Texans are on their way home…not so sure I want to clean up just yet…think I’ll leave … Continue reading

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