Carried Away?

It’s a good thing I did my ‘2012 summer project’ last January because I didn’t know that I’d have the privilege to have a little grandbaby born this fall! Anyone who knows me even a little bit would know that my hands would need to be busy crafting something for this baby.

The day after I found out this little one was a boy, I headed to the yarn shop.

The last time I’d crocheted a baby blanket, I was 11 and about to become an aunt for the first time. I remember crafting the granny squares out of lavender and cream and then handing them off to my sister to sew together. I was so excited to pick up a crochet hook after only using knitting needles for decades.

I think I had a little too much fun this July as I crocheted 36 squares using 5 different colors of yarn and 3 different patterns. My stacks of squares grew taller as my balls of yarn grew smaller.

Something inside of me comes alive while I create something original with my hands. I’ve always known this to be true, but I’m still a little bit surprised when that deep joy wells up inside of me. I actually feel a little giddy when I imagine my labor of love wrapped around this little baby…or anyone I make something for.

This blanket reminded me of something else that comes alive in me. Whenever I create a place of welcome for someone, I feel like I’m being me. Whether its putting clean sheets on the bed, pouring coffee in a mug, or leaving a note on the kitchen table, I want people to feel at home when they are with me.

I realized I was compelled to finish this little blanket for this little guy to welcome him home. To a place that he has yet to see, but will be filled with love and tenderness and grace.

Wrapped in a gift of love by arms, including mine, who will love him. Not for anything that he will do. But just because he is.

Now here’s where I got a bit carried away. I hate having leftover yarn, so I decided to keep crocheting.

An alligator, a fish, and a giraffe. We all had smiles on our faces as we watched these little critters come to life. I can’t wait to see which parts will get chewed on or which one will get dragged across the floor the most. Or will one become a tiny pillow for his head? Who knows.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that its ok to spend time knitting or crocheting. It doesn’t solve the problems of the world. It honestly doesn’t ‘fix’ anything. Many may think it is frivolous or a total waste of my time.

But, if I care deeply about inviting people into slowing down enough to treasure the people and moments in their lives, I must do the same thing. Watching the yarn turn into a blanket or a critter slows me down. I notice. I dream. I think. I pray.

Perhaps that is why this is part of me…so that I live out what I care about.

So, little guy…your blanket, critters and my arms await!

PS: For you who want to try your hand at crocheting, the book I used for my pattern was 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws, and afghans by Jan Eaton. It’s filled with darling ideas that even a beginner could try!

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Loves to notice the changes of the seasons in people and in creation.
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2 Responses to Carried Away?

  1. Kara R. says:

    Beautiful handiwork!

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