A reminder from my mom

I learned much more from my mom than simply how to plant a garden or transpose music from sharps to flats. I used to think that I have lived most of my life without her influence. But, that’s not true. What is true is that I have lived my adult life without her presence. But her influence continues to mark me daily and deeply.

This morning, these thoughts floated around in my head because of a texting conversation I had with Debralyn.

The words you say will outlive you. 

Your life will be remembered for the themes you wrote.

How you respond to life matters, not just in that moment, but for decades.

That brief ‘conversation’ made me wonder how my mom would have responded. I knew in an instant what she would have said because it had become second nature to her.

“He makes all things beautiful in His time.”

Mom loved music and she fell in love with a song, “In His Time.” It quickly became her heartfelt response when I had a broken heart. Or the cancer came back. Or when her mother died. Or when just months later, she knew that she was dying.

I never felt that Mom was being trite when she said in His time. She believed that truth and modeled it when too many people would have caved.

So, I found myself echoing Mom’s reminder today – probably just as much for me as for the other person. Could that be what my mom had been doing? Did she need to say it out loud often so she would just remember that He does make all things beautiful in His time?

If any of you need to be reminded of His presence today, Mom would want you to listen to her song. While the 1978 music may seem outdated, the message still rings true and still needs to be heard. Thanks Mom for reminding me again.

About l1bryant

Loves to notice the changes of the seasons in people and in creation.
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