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On Noticing and Resting – A Thank You to my Dad

  He’s 91 years old, but most wouldn’t believe it.¬†¬†With the exception of faulty hearing and worn out knees, he still looks ready to head out to the field. His mind doesn’t miss a beat – it really never has. … Continue reading

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In a Wink of an Eye

A quick window into an afternoon with Carter. He’s learning how to wink! Hope this makes you smile like it does me!

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Thank You Notes

I love Jimmy Fallon’s Friday night ‘Thank You Notes.” I’m always amazed at how a comedian sees the world just a little bit differently than the rest of us. Debralyn’s knee deep in writing ‘Thank You Notes” now for shower … Continue reading

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On Bedbugs and Bowls. And Grace.

Here’s some interesting (sobering) facts about bedbugs. They can live up to a year without ‘feeding’. A female may lay up to 5 eggs a day. They can fit through a crevice thinner than a credit card. They inject a … Continue reading

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