A Frosty Morning

I decided to wait until all threat of frost was gone to plant my zinnias this year. New growth is tender. Once again, I’m grateful for all that I learn in my garden.

Linda Bryant Online

Every spring, I sound a bit like my dad as he prepared to ‘go to the field.’ I pay attention to the falling rain, the thawing ground, and warming temperatures. I get excited to dig my fingers in the dirt and plant some new life outside. While my livelihood doesn’t depend upon whether my flowers live or die, I baby them as if it did.

Except this year. The weather was just so unseasonably warm; it taunted me. I found myself (well actually, I drove myself) to Goebberts to buy flowers for my pots. While I knew it was too early to plant in the ground (never before Mother’s Day), it was the perfect afternoon to start my pots.

Because my eyes have historically been bigger than my ‘acreage,’ I actually listed each and every pot and then crossed it off my list when I had picked its flowers. Dahlias, lantana, petunias, strawflowers, alyssum. Check. Check. Check. Stay focused. Avoid the vegetables…

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Loves to notice the changes of the seasons in people and in creation.
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