About Me

100_2535MY FAMILY  If you want to know me, you need to know my family. I’d love you to meet them in person, but I will do my best to introduce you to them with my words. Shall I start from left to right? (This picture was taken in October 2013 at our grandson’s dedication.)

Ron: My husband of over 33 years. My best friend for a year and a half longer than that. Leader and loving, intentional and integrity. Absolutely passionate about modeling his life after Jesus and leading others to do the same. He loves sports,  Little Big Town, and Euro-games. And his family!

Me: When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a wife and mom. I never expected to be graced with such a loving and tender family. Life isn’t perfect, but we are real with one another. I am so grateful.

Jordan: Our oldest son and already married over 3 years. Relational and loving, competitive and attentive. Absolutely passionate about being the best husband that he can be and also loves being a dad to little Carter. He is always ready to play a sport, have a conversation, and display affection. He gave us a gracious start into parenting.

Carter: Our first little grandbaby who has just turned 1. Wow! I never anticipated the joy I would feel about adding another generation to our family. He is a perfect combination of his parents. I love that I know him – that he knows me – that we are already building a foundation together. I am in awe of him.

Jacqui: Our daughter-in law. Joyful and energetic, adaptable and affectionate. Absolutely loves our son, Jordan, and has entered into the world of motherhood with grace, joy, and wisdom. She and I would choose to be friends so I’m grateful to include her into our family!

Joshua: Our youngest son. Practical and wise, grateful and filled with integrity. Absolutely passionate about worship. Typically found in his room playing one of his guitars, singing, or mixing sounds on the computer. Most recently began working at our nearby Apple store. He taught himself all he knows about technology! He has his eyes on the future and his feet firmly on the ground.

Debralyn: Our daughter. Intuitive and discerning, communicator and engaging. Absolutely passionate about learning in such a way as to influence culture. Finishing her  Pre-Counseling degree from Moody Bible Institute in May 2014. She’s pretty attached to the man standing on her left. When she’s home, she’s typically being followed around the house by me!

Marc: This is the man who will marry our daughter next summer. He has a servant’s and shepherd’s heart and is head over heels in love with Debralyn. He is a pastoral studies major at Moody Bible Institute and loves his job as a patrolman on their security staff. 


I write to encourage people to SLOW DOWN enough to notice and treasure the people and the moments of their life. But, that means, I have to do the same. How?

I spend time in creation almost every day to notice the spectacular uniqueness of each season. My garden is my soul’s haven. Whether planting or weeding or simply meandering, God speaks to me in my backyard. If anything that I notice and say helps facilitate others to notice their life, I am grateful.

I also spend even a few moments most days creating something. A floral arrangement for the counter, a knitted cowl for a friend, or a pot of soup for supper….creating matters to me.

MY BACKGROUND Growing up on a farm near Millbrook, Illinois (good luck finding that on a map!) provided the backdrop for falling in love with the outside world. My parents provided me with plenty of freedom to roam, discover, and play. I fell in love with books and traveled all over the world while sitting in my bedroom. My children still don’t believe me when I say that there wasn’t a subject in school that I didn’t love. I still love to learn. In fact, my husband teasingly accused me of homeschooling our children so that I could keep learning day after day.

My dad provided a model to practice a Sabbath and to trust God for the rain or dry weather as needed. His deep desire is that all his family are reunited in heaven one day. My mom, although she left this earth far too young, showed me how to practice hospitality and encouragement. I am a very unique combination of the two of them. They helped create my foundation in my relationship with God.

After high school, I went to Wheaton College and graduated with a degree in Sociology.

I always have loved to study people…to hear their stories….and to gather intimately with the people I love.  

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