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She’s Going to be a Bride for Real!

We have a saying in our family that goes like this – “Let’s pretend it happened for real!” I first heard that creative phrase waft up from the basement years ago after I heard a loud and sudden crash. Debralyn was playing ‘house’ with … Continue reading

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Watching Them Fly

My brother-in-law sent me this video a couple of years ago, and I can’t help but think about it this time of year. Perhaps it will remind those of you who are watching your children fly that all of this is a … Continue reading

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That Time of Year Again

MONDAY NIGHT – AUGUST 12 All her stuff is back in her dorm room at Moody. Well, not all her stuff. Just the stuff that she thinks she needs to live the life of a college senior. She acknowledged that … Continue reading

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My Table

“When I think about love, I think about a table.” – John Ortberg, “A Place at the Table” A decade ago, we bought a wonderfully sturdy and large kitchen table and 8 comfortable chairs from Restoration Hardware. Even though there … Continue reading

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Born to Worship

          I planted some zinnia seeds last week, and when I peaked at my garden yesterday, I saw some tiny green shoots sprouting toward the sky. I didn’t ask myself what they would become. I simply knew that if the weather … Continue reading

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“It’s Fly Time”

If you read my last blog, you know that I had a ball riding the Dare Devil Dive with Debralyn. Before we took to the air, I playfully shouted “It’s Fly Time!” I think I embarrassed her by unconsciously mimicing … Continue reading

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