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Just an Illinois Girl

Here’s my view right now. A warm June breeze waves through the lush green leaves while the red-winged blackbirds argue over territory. A few billowy white clouds float across the blue expanse above me.  The remnants of the cottonwood seeds … Continue reading

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Flavored with Grace

My theme this winter has been grace. As the sun rises, I ask God to flavor my day with grace – both receiving and giving it. It’s been the perfect winter to focus on grace. Since early December, I’ve seen … Continue reading

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In Winter….

….you can see what’s been hidden underneath leaves and flowers. You can see beyond the lush edges of all that’s green and blooming to see what’s been nourishing and supporting them all along. I know I’ve written about this before, but this … Continue reading

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Snow Falling Whispers ‘All is Well’

I know there are beach people. And mountain people. And river people. And possibly even desert people. I’m snow people. It feels like there aren’t too many of us left anymore. Too many of us have become weary of longer commuting times … Continue reading

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Day by Day

A few weeks ago, a friend honestly explained how she is thinking and feeling about her almost empty nest. After she finished, she asked me a seemingly simply question. “How have you handled your season of transition?” You’d think I’d have no … Continue reading

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A Frosty Morning

Every spring, I sound a bit like my dad as he prepared to ‘go to the field.’ I pay attention to the falling rain, the thawing ground, and warming temperatures. I get excited to dig my fingers in the dirt … Continue reading

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Out of Season

I’m getting a little embarrassed at how irritated I am at the warm January weather. Ask anyone who happens to smile at the warmth. I break into a litany of the ‘way it should be.’ Snow should be swirling. Wind should be … Continue reading

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