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“Stepping Into the Seasons of the Soul”            

  •      Noticing in the Abundance of Summer
  •      Embracing in the Changes of Fall
  •      Surfacing in the Silence of Winter
  •      Planting in the Newness of Spring

Using the visible lessons of creation, this talk examines the application to life and seasons we all experience.

“Simplicity for a Woman’s Heart”

How does shame cause us to live a life far from what God created us to live? Using the spiritual practice of Simplicity, we unpack ways to find ourselves again. We examines Pace of Life, Attachment to Stuff, and Perception Driven Relationships and practical ways to move back to living our life with joy and freedom.

“Embracing Imperfection”

Do you desire to move from earning approval or affection through trying to achieve perfection? We will discover how to move from “I am not enough” to “I am enough.”

“How to Give a Gift….not merely a Present”

Practical distinctions between gifts and presents so that we can truly bless the people in our lives with tangible reminders of our affection for them.

“Roots and Wings: Launching Children into Adulthood”

Focuses on how to appropriately use the balance of responsibility and freedom to launch independent adults. It’s never too early to start the process!

“What is your Mothering Bent?”

 A practical examination on Authoritative, Autocratic, Permissive, and Neglectful styles and how that impacts our parenting.

(Photo Credit: Victor Stott)


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